Inspection Request

Preventative Maintenance Inspection

This inspection is required every 2 years per the Unit Owners Association of the Eclipse on Center Park Condominium Policy Resolution 2015-01 Preventative Maintenance, adopted by the Board of Directors 2015-02-07.

What We Do
  • Bathroom(s) – Inspect toilets, sinks, drain pipes, supply lines and valves.
  • Kitchen – Inspect sink, garbage disposal, drain pipes, supply lines and valves.
  • Utility Closet – Inspect all water pipes, valves, pressure relief valve, drain lines, drain pan. We will clean dryer/bathroom vent filter and secure water heater overflow drain line to wall if not already secured.
  • Air Conditioner – Inspect filter, condensation pan, drain lines and emergency shut-off switch. If you have a new filter to hand we will install it for you.
  • Washer/Dryer closet – Inspect washer hoses and water supply valves, inspect visible areas of washer pan. We will vacuum out the dryer vent hose and duct at ceiling. The washer will not be removed from its plastic drain pan or removed from the closet during the inspection.

Inspection Terms


The cost for the Preventative Maintenance Inspection is $150.00.

Payment is due immediately upon completion in the form of cash or check.

If you will not be home at the time of the inspection please leave the payment on the kitchen counter.

Admittance Form

If you cannot be home during the inspection you will need to fill out an Admittance Form and give it to the concierge at your building. Admittance Forms are available at the concierge desk. Or you may download he Admittance Form, type the required information, print it, sign it and give it to the concierge.

Utility Closet

Some units have a key lock on the utility closet door. If yours has a key lock the inspector will need it.


Upon completion and payment you will be e-mailed a certificate documenting the inspection results. A copy will also be sent to the Eclipse Property Manager. View sample certificate.


The Preventative Maintenance Inspection fee does not include repairing any items found to be in need of repair or replacement. Repairs can be done for an additional fee.

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